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Below please find our 2018 grants budget which takes into account our required minimum distribution, multi-year grant commitments, and current program area priorities.

2018 Grantmaking Targets


  Dollars Percentage
Bright Spots $120,000 1%
Family Support  $4,695,000 21%
Food Security $4,720,000 21%
Health Care Access $4,970,000 22%
Housing Stability  $4,645,000 21%
Safe Spaces  $2,885,000 13%
Sector Support/Research $485,000 2%
TOTAL $22,520,000  


This year, we have allocated up to an additional $2.5M to explore and better understand the following issue areas:


Immigration $1,000,000
Reentry $400,000
Financial Services $300,000
Housing Advocacy $250,000
Other TBD $550,000
TOTAL $2,500,000


These issue areas were identified by our team through conversations with grantees and other community partners across our funding region. Funding in these issue areas is meant to be exploratory, meaning that there is a high likelihood that grants will be one-time or short-term. Any organization being considered for a grant in these exploratory areas will be informed early in our review process that their grant may be one-time.